Stone paper hard cover notebook Impact A5, lined

Like traditional paper, but better. Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made of stone.

In the production of stone paper, not a single tree needs to be cut down, and the saved trees provide oxygen to at least 40 people a year.

Forget the stress of pouring coffee over your notes. Stone paper notebooks are resistant to both water and most other liquids that we encounter in the home.

If you try to tear an extremely thin sheet of stone paper notebook, you will be very surprised. Paper stretches like rubber before tearing, so it takes a lot of effort to tear it.

You will be surprised, but writing on stone paper is more pleasant than on traditional paper. Traditional aper is made of miniature wood grains, while stone paper is made of stone powder. When writing on stone paper, the writing tool moves more smoothly and pleasantly on the surface.

Traditional paper production uses bleaches and acids, whereas stone paper does not - it is naturally whiter than traditional paper (because the limestone used in its production is white). Also, the CO2 emissions of stone paper production are much lower.

By using stone paper, you protect nature and inspire others to do the same.

  • A5 format;
  • 64 leaves (128 pages);
  • thickness of inner sheets 58gsm;
  • lined pages;
  • pages color - white;
  • with a tab;
  • Hardcover;
  • notebook (inner pages and cover) made of stone paper;
  • no water and bleaches are used during the production of notebooks;
  • 1 liter of water is saved during the production of one notebook.